Recovering Jobs

As you all know you can now recover your own job’s, rather than the operator having to do it. This was done for the benefit of the customer, so that jobs can be re-issued again more quickly.

It is not an excuse for drivers to pick & choose which jobs they want.

When you recover a job the system will give you a 5 minute penalty, during this time the system will not give you a job.

If for any reason you recover an “account job” the penalty period will increase to 15 minutes.

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App Bookings

As of 1st of June 2016 all jobs booked through the new App will be dispatched to the nearest available driver.

This means no mater what your position on a particular plot, if an App booking comes in it will go to you if you are NEAREST car to the job. No mater which plot the job is on.

Not only will this cut down on your running mileage / fuel costs, it will also provide the customer with a quicker service.

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Radio Settle

Please remember that Monday is settle day.

To avoid being suspended please make sure that you pay in on time.

You can now pay by card over the phone between 9am & 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can check your account work balance at any time on your PDA by selecting “Driver Sheets” form the menu.

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Driver’s Details

Could all drivers make sure that the office has their correct current contact details (address / phone numbers & e-mail address).

Please let us know of any licence changes, plate renewals and badge renewals as soon as possible.

If your details are not correct the computer may lock you out of the system.

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DBS & Badge renewal.

If any driver needs help with their on-line DBS form’s or Badge renewal, contact the office.

DBS forms can take between 6-10 weeks to be processed, so don’t leave it till the last minute!


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